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£1.2 billion boost for tourism

The festivities are open. During these next four days, the United Kingdom will live to the rhythm of the celebrations of the 70 years of reign of Elizabeth II, a public holiday has been decreed for the occasion. The government mentions “more than 200,000 local events and block parties across the UK over the four days of the weekend”. Visit Britain, the British tourism promotion agency, talks about a 1.2 billion pound (1.4 billion euro) boost to the economy with 5.3 million Britons making the bridge, reports AFP. A nice spotlight for the destination, more than ever welcome after two years of pandemic. The United Kingdom indeed lifted travel restrictions on March 18 and wants to accelerate the recovery.

“The latest studies conducted by VisitBritain highlight a strong demand for travel among the French, reports the organization promoting the destination. 90% of the French people questioned wanted to take a holiday abroad in the next 12 months, 60% were absolutely certain of it and, among them, 57% had not yet booked or decided on their destination, which represents a opportunity for VisitBritain and Tourism Ireland to influence their decision, choice of destination and encourage bookings. »

Festivities throughout the year

“As the world’s media attention turns to the UK for Platinum Jubilee festivities and the country’s iconic attractions hosting official events, including Buckingham Palace, will take center stage, a This is a unique opportunity to highlight our tourism offer and the exclusive experiences that French travelers can enjoy in the country, says Patricia Yates, Managing Director of VisitBritain.

The official Jubilee festivities consist of Trooping the Colour, The Platinum Party at the Palace and The Platinum Jubilee Pageant. Around 1 billion people worldwide will watch the Jubilee Pageant, says VisitBritain.

Many other Platinum Jubilee events, exhibitions and experiences will take place across the Kingdom in 2022, from Superbloom to the Tower of London, with its moat transformed into a field of millions of flowers, to the Royal Mews in London where visitors will be able to see the coaches, carriages and horses of the queen, passing by the Platinum Jubilee Blooms of Hillsborough Castle and Gardens, residence of the royal family in Northern Ireland, details VisitBritain. Exhibitions dedicated to the jubilee will also be organized throughout the summer and autumn, notably in the official royal residences.

A gradual recovery

According to studies by VisitBritain, “the history and heritage of the United Kingdom are major attractions for incoming tourism. Each year around 10 million inbound visits to the UK include a visit to a castle or historic home. These visitors spend a total of £9 billion on their trip. In 2019, the Tower of London was the UK’s most visited paid attraction with nearly three million visitors.

The year 2022 in Great Britain will be marked by a series of unmissable events which will attract many tourists. In addition to the Platinum Jubilee, Unboxed will celebrate UK creativity with 10 free projects, from March to October, providing immersive experiences for visitors. The West Midlands will host the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games (July 28-August 8).

VisitBritain forecasts a gradual recovery in UK tourism throughout 2022. Its latest forecast for incoming tourism estimates the total number of visits to the UK this year at 21.1 million (52% of the level of 2019 which had 40.1m visits) and spending by overseas visitors at £16.9bn (59% of 2019 – where spend was £28.4bn).

Along with the United States and Germany, France is a major source market for the United Kingdom, the second in volume and the fourth in value. In 2019, 3.5 million French people traveled to Britain and spent £1.4 billion there.

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